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by paula widish

Something about home

Filling me with calm promise

Things always work out

by paula widish

A day of notice

Seeing and feeling it all

Basking in your life

by paula widish

Tomorrow will come

Full of hope, surprise and love

Lucky I can see

by paula widish

Pondering the day

Watching what will rise above

Seeking attention

by paula widish

Let it begin now

The ups, the downs and all else

Bringing in what’s next

by paula widish

Nothing is coming

She’s wallowing in stalled thoughts

Urging clarity


by paula widish

Folding up the map

Our new route lays before us

Intuition guides

by paula widish

A fresh start each day

Can spring hopes of awesomeness

Choose your thoughts in truth

by paula widish

I must forgive you

It’s time to put it to rest

Before I’m consumed

by paula widish

She woke up aching

Wishing things were done for her

But the steps were her’s

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